Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hot Soup

Im still very sick so I'll keep my entry short, but above is pictured my very own homemade borscht and congee/sweet bean soup. Below is just a blatant display of vegetable massacre. That is all for now.. more later when I'm well.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Home Sick Eating Take-Out Thai

Ugh, I am so sick. I caught a terrible cold from a coughy man behind me at the Roxy when I went to catch the loveable double feature of 'Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-rabbit' and 'Corpse Bride' for a mere $5.00. I haven't been posting lately because I've made myself a rather intracate fort in my room and have therein been feasting on fruit smoothies and take-out Thai food from the Little Thai Place down the block, which is run by an adorable thai family. Im ashamed to admit I order there so often they know my name, and my usual curry pick. I just cant help it - I'm a Thai food addict!

As for the picture above, I recently ventured out into the daylight to develop some prints that had been pending, and they had a bunch of food pics of mine on it. The picture above is a scrumptious smoothie I made myself consisting of frozen bananas, 'So Nice Neol Nog' (soy egg nog - mmmm), and fresh grated nutmeg. There is organic shredded coconut sprinkled on the top for garnish, it was rather delicious, and in one of my favorite glasses. As you can see I decoured it with a pink plastic spoon/straw I swiped from the 711 down the block yesterday. In the background is a chopstick. Anywho, stay tuned for more upcoming food pics!

Im going to eat tons of spicy food and garlic to cure myself of this dreaded cold!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ahhh! My beautiful chocolate tofu pudding! I wish I could take better pictures but my digicam is quite old and unfortunately very blurry (*weeps* Oh, how I wish for a new digital camera). Anywho, there you see my prize hello kitty bowl, the perfect bowl for any good dessert worthy of it. *snickers* I cant believe I found it in Chinatown for 20 cents - and it comes with a Hello Kitty cup... I just think it's cute.
Moving on, the chocolate tofu pudding I make is TO DIE FOR. The texture of it is just like that of expensive mousse and the flavour is a sort of bitter dark chocolate taste (which I adore). And to top it all off, the way I make it it's a moderately nutritious dessert (or at least I like to tell myself that :) ). My recipe is as follows:

Amylia's Simple Seemingly Healthy Tofu Chocolate Pudding:

1 Package of Silken Lite Tofu (about 12.3 oz/ 349 g)
1/4 Cup of Soy Milk
2 Tablespoon of certified Vegan Cocoa or Carob (Akalaine processed has been processed with animal products)
1/2 Teaspoon of Stevia* (a natural herbal sweetener, if you dont have this just use a liquid sweetener like syrup, agave syrup, or cane juice)
Carob syrup (for topping - optional)
Nuts of choice (for topping - optional)

Whip the tofu, soy milk, stevia (or other sweetener), and cocoa together in a food processor, then scoop (yes scoop - its thick and creamy - yum!) into a bowl and top with anything you choose. Then sit back and enjoy.
Hint: The smaller the spoon you use, the longer it takes you to eat it - therefore, the more you enjoy it in all it's chocolately tofu glory - MMMmmm!

*I use Stevia as my sweetener of choice because its a natural herb found in the wild that makes things taste sweet and its a zero on the glycemic list, which means it's perfectly safe for all you diabetics out there. A little stevia goes a long way, a teaspoon can make an entire batch of cupcakes cuper-sweet. I highly suggest using Stevia. If you don't use Stevia in this recipe, and you do use maple syrup or something of that sort, be sure to put a good dollop in it, because 1/2 teaspoon of Stevia is the equivalent of two tablespoons of maple syrup.

Hope you enjoy my recipe! :) I promise I'll post up some pictures of my borscht sometime soon!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cooking Extravaganza!

Wahahahaha! It's snowing today so I stayed home and cooked and baked all day. I made Chinese Sweet Bean Soup (Congee) and failed Onde Onde balls (I didn't use a recipe). As you can see from the picture there are two different colours of failed Onde Onde balls, the pink is almond and the blue is coconut, although both have been rolled in shredded coconut.

Since it's the winter, I made my traditional winter pot of Borscht (using my own recipe, which can be found at I adore borscht, it's my favorite soup. I've eaten borscht every winter since I was young, it's just a habit for me. My Auntie Chris (not my real aunt, just a close family friend), who is from germany, always used to make borscht for me every winter when I was little and lived up in the Yukon. It always makes me reminiscent of sitting in the kitchen watching the snow through the window and enjoying a nice hot pot of borscht. Mmmmmm. I'll put up pictures of it later. Also, I made hemp brownies with hemp nut butter icing and hemp nut seeds sprinkled 0n top. They were to DIE for - and I took pictures of them with my camera. Once I get the film back I can display my masterpeices. They are truly the yummiest thing ever.

Anywho, I must go. I will update later with more cooking, most likely.



Sunday, November 27, 2005

Breakfast Again!?!?

Arg! I made the most fabulous lunch yesterday but couldnt post it because my computer was down (oh well I got shots of it with a normal camera - it was just so fabulous). Ill post it up sometime in the future I geuss.

Anywho, my favorite meal of the day is always breakfast, anyway. I can't help it, I'm just crazy about breakfast! Heres what I ate this morning:
A scrumptious hot cereal consisting of organic rye flakes, wheat bran, soy milk, raisins, and almonds with a dollop of soy yogurt on top and sliced banana with a light drizzle of pure maple syrup to garnish.

It was splendid, especially accompanied by the ritualistic americano that I make using my beloved cappicino machine (which is acting a bit wacky lately - it keeps running for an extremely lengthy period of time - its rather unusual).
I must go, though, because there is homework that needs attention (arrr).
- The Fruitful Vegan

Saturday, November 26, 2005

My First Foodie Post!! :):)

Myesss! Finally a food blog to call my own! Let me introduce myself - I am Amylia, long time foodie fiend and foodporn watcher! :) Ive always wanted to create a blog to call my own though - and now I finally have! My camera is really bad though - Im hoping to get a new one soon. Anywho, myesss.... Im vegan, so just to let you know anything posted on this page in the future will not include any animal products of any sort (too bad for you carnivores). Above is a picture of something I snacked on for breakfast - Its a peice of toasted spelt bread with soy yogurt, fresh marmalade, and a cut of starfruit on it. My 2nd Cup of Coffee is also there - Thank goodness for cappicino machines!!!

Yumyum! :)